Cabinet hardware accessories maintenance
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Cabinet hardware accessories maintenance
If you want to use the time to extend the use of time, quality hardware accessories selection is very important, the latter of the maintenance work can not be ignored, so that the rest of the remaining a lot of maintenance costs.

Hinge cupboard door and connected with repeated opening and closed one of the necessary hardware. Due to the opening frequency of the door in the process of using the highest. Therefore, the quality of the hinge is particularly important. The opening and closing effect and durability, natural, smooth and silent is the basic requirements. The second is adjustable: upper and lower, left and right, adjustable range before and after 2mm; opening angle minimum should be 95 as well as a certain degree of corrosion resistance and security. Good hinge hand breaking up hard, solid reed, mechanical folding place without shaking, close to 15 degrees automatically rebound, rebound very uniform.
Maintenance: maintain the cabinet of dry, avoid hinge and other hardware in the humid air; every 2-3 months can be regularly add oil, use dry soft cloth gently wipe; if found its surface has difficult to remove the black spots, can be used a little kerosene wipe, do not contain chemical cleaning agent or acid liquid cleaning.
If the cabinet hinge is the heart, then slide is the kidney. Small drawers can free smoothly push, how to rely on the bearing, sliding support. The slide on the market have a roller ball slide, slide two common patterns. When the choose and buy can pull the drawer, with hand in the above slightly with the beat, to see whether the loosening, bang bang sound or flip, pulley, in the push and pull the drawer should without acerbity feeling, no noise.
Maintenance: add lubricating oil regularly and stick to water with a soft cloth to wipe dry; from time to time to check the slide there is no small particles and cleaned in time so as to avoid damage to the rail.
As a part of the auxiliary family cabinet and so on, the handle of the material has many kinds, such as wood, stainless steel, zinc alloy, iron, aluminum alloy, etc., there are also a few crystal plastic. General handle is and the cabinet, if you want to re configure the words, it is necessary to pay attention to the coordination and the overall size of the cabinet, size, shape and pattern can choose their favorite style.
Maintenance: because the handle is often pulled, the time a long words easy to loose. Regularly check the tightness of the screw, if there is a screw to drop the words to replace the new. Pay attention not to the handle put wet towels and the like things, wooden handle, easy to damp, iron or copper rust easily Diaoqi.
Skirting board
Skirting board commonly used wood baseboard, matte metal skirtboard skirtboard and PVC three. Woodiness skirting board is solid wood or plastic door with the use of decoration how to save money? On home improvement network, free design budget quotation. Easy to damp. Matte metal skirtboard waterproof, mildew rust, beautiful and durable is not damaged, is a relatively high quality of materials. PVC board is also quite common, but relatively brittle, aging, brittle for a long time.
Maintenance: maintenance of woodiness skirting board to pay attention to maintaining the drying cabinet area, avoid damp environment destruction the skirting board, regular waxing or daub waterproof agent maintenance. The metal skirting board to prevent sharp objects from scratch, PVC can only change a skirting board cracking off

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