Small size of the role of hardware accessories, how to "opportunity" to survive?
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Hardware accessories are an indispensable part of the furniture industry, such as the family of cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom and other products are required to use hardware accessories to highlight its human nature. Thus, hardware accessories are small, but the role is not small, but in the current market for the hardware fittings market homogeneity, hardware accessories business how to survive?
Improve product quality is the key
There are thousands of brands of hardware accessories on the domestic market, the variety is to reach the tens of thousands, but to have a certain degree of visibility in the full market, the degree of attention of the accessories business is rare. In view of the plight of domestic hardware accessories, many industry insiders said: China's hardware accessories design level, manufacturing technology and management level is relatively backward, compared with the industrial developed countries is still immature." Indeed, the Chinese market of homogeneous products of around everywhere, businesses in order to seize the benefits have to reduce the production cost, and management personnel in the manufacturing process of Jerry leading product has been in a cheap state, and therefore can not fundamentally for hardware accessories market, profits will not be able to increase.
Based on this, the Southern China city network hardware channel small series, hardware accessories business to a long time based on the market must change their ideas, the quality of the product to further study, to get out of the haze as soon as possible to reproduce the sun. In addition to strict control of product quality, the enterprise should recognize the market, the current Chinese home products customized widely sought after, and therefore in the design of hardware accessories should not be based on the move, should be combined with other products designed to be human, to achieve real market. Once there is a place in the market, the enterprise is also afraid of no profit space?.
To seize the opportunity in the high-end market
With the rapid growth of the Chinese market, people's living standards rapidly increased, the pursuit of food and clothing is no longer a problem, more spiritual enjoyment and satisfaction, so many domestic enterprises are gradually turning to the high-end market. Since the product on the grade, and its accessories, of course, not far behind, as the saying goes: "details determine success or failure", therefore, our hardware accessories business whether also to upgrade their products to upgrade a class?
It is understood, at present domestic high-end domestic enterprises in the selection of hardware accessories will give priority to the use of imported parts, at present the hardware fittings of the market size of complex, uneven quality, we can not let the "a mouse droppings bad a pot of porridge is good '." People have to believe that many home accessories businesses sounded the alarm, but also brought opportunities. In a small series of opinion, and haggle over every ounce that a bit of small profits, is still not as good as "climb" high-end products, more to further development.
In short, hardware accessories business to small volume to get the big profits must improve their product quality, design products to meet market needs, in order to seize the opportunity to open up a new world before the time comes.
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