It is important to buy Shower room fittings should not be underestimated
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Shower room hardware accessories wholesale how to buy it? Modern most families will buy Shower room, shower room because of its fitness, warm, dry and wet environment isolation and other advantages by the vast number of consumers favorite, so shower room to buy special need to pay attention to, also shower room fittings of the purchase also nots allow to ignore.

It is important to buy Shower room fittings should not be underestimated
Shower room hardware accessories how to buy
Simple shower room is composed of glass, aluminum, pulley, metal parts, rubber, artificial stone, six parts. Shower room fittings have copper fittings, stainless steel fittings, wall clip, hinge, these are the important parts of shower room.
Stainless steel, stainless steel 304#, independent design mold and guarantee accuracy, quality, cooperation degree; full automatic polishing, mirror effect, high grade, corrosion resistance is strong, high hardness, not easy to deformation, long service life, through the detection of 24 hours of acid salt spray test up to 10 to the standard.
Copper hinge: 59# copper alloy, strong bearing capacity, full manual Seiko polishing, plating thickness and international brands the same level reach 11um, mirror effect, reflecting metal texture, high corrosion resistance, high hardness, not easy to deformation, long service life, and through the acidic salt spray test 24 hours of testing (beyond the GB 8um), the surface does not appear macula, foaming, stripping layer and other undesirable phenomena.
Shower room hardware accessories 1 pulley
First is the edge of the frame, now mainly divided into aluminum alloy and stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant stainless steel, better quality, so a little expensive 200-300 yuan / square meters. However, not all stainless steel are high-grade goods, domestic 201, 202, the product is easy to rust, at least to use 304 to resist rust.
Shower room hardware accessories 2 glass
This is also determined by the quality of the box edge, good stainless steel can withstand 12mm, 10mm thick tempered glass, a good grasp of 8mm thick glass no problem, the force difference between the border, only to withstand m 6m, m 5m thick glass, safe and natural low. Glass choice, automotive grade glass is superior, the surface is very transparent, no particles and pinhole. Still have a kind of easy cleaning glass, shampoo, bath liquid adhesion in the above, drops of water as fall, not like after the long-term use of ordinary glass has a layer of gray dirt.
Shower room fittings 3 rostone
Rostone, there are two kinds of artificial and natural. Natural stone is not too high, has paved the floor tile of the bathroom is applicable, artificial stone a molding, no joint, it is not easy to remnants of debris, but relatively high, suitable for rough decoration.
Shower room hardware accessories 4 track
Rail is also the purchase of a shower room technology, most of the shower room in the use of the problem, is the fault of the pulley. A lot of pulley set with nylon coat, but there are things around. Best choice with 204 stainless steel pulley, and then choose the copper material, as the alloy material, easy to rust, belonging to the poor material, the time is easy to fall off the risk. Pulley is good or bad is not difficult to distinguish, you can try it with your hand, the introduction of stainless steel to be smooth, and the relative difference between the products need to force to move around

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