The function and requirement of door and window hardware
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Refers to the hardware, hardware accessories made of machine parts or components, and some hardware products. It can be used alone, can also be done to help the appliance. Here to introduce several windows of the hardware accessories.

Push pull window hardware accessories
The guide of aluminum alloy or plastic steel sliding window is directly formed on the window frame profiles on the pulley system is fixed on the bottom of the window sash. Push and pull the sliding window is easily depends not only on the quality of a pulley system and with profile flatness and machining precision and a window frame installation accuracy. Dust on the track and the wear of the pulley will also affect the function of the push pull window. Sliding window lock is generally a pin type lock, the lock will because the installation accuracy is not high, dust and other reasons and failure. Usually by the bolt type lock for sliding window handle the switch part replaced, but also have high-grade sliding window make it an arc window sash sectional material, handle the role.
Ordinary flat window hardware accessories
One of the basic parts of the casement window is hinge. As the hinge of one-way opening nature, hinge always be installed in an opening direction, namely inside window hinge installed in indoor, outside the window of the hinge installed outdoors. In order not to let the window seal hinge, hinge metal window usually welded on the outside window profile. Outside the window of the lock is a rotating handle and a card lock, usually lock. In the window of the ordinary lock can be simple bolt. The drawback is that there is no rotation of the pin card lock pressing function. The handle of the inner window is independent, and it is not related to other parts. The limiter is outside the window of the essential part, the wind will blow and prevent sash collision. However, two hinges and limit is three points form the fixed plane firmly to a limited extent, the restrictor of relatively good quality is made in a copper to rust.

Introverted in casement hardware accessories
The concept of introversion inside the casement window from the form, both suspended and opened, in the open window. But this is far more than a special kind of window way, in fact, it is a variety of window control functions. First, when the window is introverted, ventilation. The top shear connector plays a role of the limiting device. When the flat when the top shear connector is a hinge. At the same time the bottom hinge is a shaft with introversion. Within the purpose of the flat on the one hand, it can be clearly observed the scenery outside the window, more important is easy to clean glass. Design window type do not consider cleaning the glass is a low - grade residential building construction rarely clean bright windows. It can be said included inside the casement window is the comprehensive satisfaction of the people. Introverted casement hardware includes a top shear connector, corner connector and lock, handles, connecting rod and locking, corner connecting piece and introverted window at the bottom of the shaft, the bottom hinge and internal rotation of the bottom axis. The hardware applied to wood, aluminum alloy and plastic steel windows. How in the window sash is fixed on the connecting rod? There are two kinds of solutions. The first is the design of double link set, one set for fixed, another is used for interlocking lock points. The second is designed in the sliding groove on the frame section. The second scheme is superior to the first scheme in terms of service life and maintenance free.
Window hardware fittings on glass curtain wall
Glass curtain wall and window is a more difficult problem. International advanced curtain wall system can be introverted casement window made a similar glass curtain wall unit, to achieve the overall curtain wall air tightness, water tightness and wind resistance grade. The technology level and cost are high. At present, few companies can achieve this level. As the load-bearing structure of the glass curtain wall is generally in the interior, so the outer window is the most easy window scheme. But if you use the hinge, the hinge will destroy the integrity of the exposed glass curtain wall, and four connecting parts. Four bar linkage is substitute for hinge, using quadrilateral length invariant under the condition of variable area principle to achieve the opening purpose. Four connecting rod fixation is on the side of the window sash and the window frame, when the window is closed, four link completely hidden in the window frame, fundamentally solve the problems exposed hinge. Only characteristic is decided by the working principle of the four connecting rod phenomenon, that the window sash is opened, center of gravity of the window sash will have a obvious settlement. This settlement can be a good way to prevent wind Lin will be closed, but a lot of inconvenience for the actuator installation and use. If the form is large, the four connecting rod long withstand sash weight, will produce a certain decline, which led to the window sash is not tightly closed.
The use of multi lock is in order to increase the wind pressure strength of the window. On a window sash through the connecting rod connecting a plurality of cylindrical lock point, in the operation of the rotary handle lock point slide into fixed on the window frame on the lock body. The angle connecting piece can be used to lock the window with one, two or more points. Multi point lock completely changed the traditional lock windows system. The connecting rod and lock point scheme is also used to improve the security level of the door.
Flip window hardware accessories
The ordinary turnover window because half of the other half is in the open window, the window sash is opened, so the form of the seal is difficult to achieve. To achieve the same sealing effect, the cost of turning the window will be relatively high. Common flip window of the metal parts are two main axis, and then equipped with the corresponding lock and handle. There is a kind of the world can turn 360 degrees of integrated hardware accessories, the purpose is to achieve a good sealing effect, but also easy to clean the window.

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