Shower room fittings and material features detailed
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Shower room fittings wholesale detailed material and function
Aluminum alloy frame light silver, silver sand, dumb silver, drawing, with the same color aluminum alloy stone base and low basin, glass light glass and Lanbo. The bathroom style not only multiple and become more and more delicate, modeling various bathtub shape, material performance, washbasin with change of form, shower, toilet style, storage cabinet of the rich and varied.

Bathroom equipment selection should be for personal life habits and functions use needs to consider, in addition, the allocation of space is also an impact on the purchase of the evaluation factors. For space size, the distribution of the pattern, the selection of sanitary ware is very important.
When considering the style of bathroom equipment, in addition to being able to emphasize their own aesthetic preferences, the space of collocation, color fusion, etc., are also the key points.

High hardness, high bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, long service life. And a lot of shower room manufacturers, the use of 202# stainless steel, corrosion resistance is poor, the service life of the affected, some factories in order to make the stainless steel 202# stainless steel surface, the quality is completely unable to compare with 304# stainless steel. At the same time due to the 304# stainless steel quality is hard and difficult to process, high cost, some manufacturers use copper plating parts.

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