Cabinet hardware accessories maintenance to extend the service life
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In the use of the process of damage to the cabinet hardware accessories, you will lose part of the function, so in the maintenance of the maintenance of the cabinet hardware accessories also need a certain maintenance, then the cabinet hardware how to maintain it?!
Cabinet hardware accessories maintenance

A, cabinet hardware fittings maintains and cleaning method:
1, the cabinet hardware fittings has the place which the water stains to promptly dry, avoids the cabinet hardware fitting to rust;
2, cabinet hinge and drawer slide to be oiled often, to keep and pulling smoothly;
3, cabinet handle it is best to hold things in, especially some of the more important or more wet things nfdc3 handle if loose nfdc3 can use a screwdriver to wring the door back screw;
4, cabinet door not neat or some loose, you can adjust the hinge, the hinge on the market now are are generally can be three-dimensional regulation.

Two, cabinet hardware accessories use attention
Although the surface of the cabinet hardware accessories have the coating, has a certain anti rust, corrosion protection, but in the installation or use of the time will inevitably appear cabinet hardware accessories of the coating is scratched, and therefore the cabinet hardware accessories in the use of time also to pay attention to some details.
1, do not spread to the daily necessaries items such as hardware, if not be sprinkled on the time, with a dry cloth wipe;
2 and the high body pull basket, basket etc. Large ambry hardware accessories, attention should be paid to the opening and closing direction along the open, should not try to push and pull.
3, the drawer switch not too hard, otherwise easy to slide from a hit off track;
4, the cabinet door hinge to be oiled often, ensure smooth opening and closing, ensure no rust.

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